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FCE. Odpowiedzi

19 maja 2004 | Raporty | AR
źródło: Nieznane
źródło: Nieznane
źródło: Nieznane

FCE - Odpowiedzi

PAPER 1 Reading

Part 1: The Good Buy Man

1 E: It was just meant to be a seasonal thing, but it turned out to be so successful ...

2 B: A survey ... found that ... and this may go some way to explaining Bryan's success

3 A: Planning a shopping trip with military precision ...

4 G: visit stores on their behalf ... delivering goods ... at a convenient time ... return to the shops to exchange them.

5 D: Clients with a list of requests are given a quote ...

6 C: Bryan's specialist knowledge means that clients usually get a good deal.

Part 2: The Ballet Sculptor

7 A: 'There is something amazing about all those graceful movements ...'

8 D: Her dream is to join forces with them ... and then hold an exhibition ...

9 C: get the chance to sculpt from life ... I can work more quickly

10 C: A worktop is a kind of table to work on.

11 B: This makes her pieces less expensive than solid bronze .

12 A: 'It' refers to making 'each one in the garden shed'.

13 D: I'd accept a lower offer ... But I've learnt not to do that anymore.

14 D: All artists want some kind of recognition for their work.

Part 3: The...

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